What is NAV?

NAV, the Flemish Architects organisation, is the largest professional federation of architects in Flanders with more than 5000 members. Two offices, a management committee, 80 architects and regional branches manage the organisation.

The architects-members receive a wide range of services. NAV is the voice for many issues focusing on architects for example. In practice this means the use of press releases, market research and negotiation where required. To be even more influential NAV is part of UNIZO (Union of Independent Entrepreneurs) and Federatie Vrije Beroepen (Federation for Free and Intellectual Professions).

The distribution of information is central at NAV. Members receive the NAV NEWS magazine five times a year, the DIMENSION Magazine four times a year, the ZO magazine every two weeks and numerous one-off publications. NAV also has an often visited website with an extensive knowledge database. (www.nav.be)

Another important facility NAV significantly invested in is the help desk. The architects-members can ask all types of questions here, whether judicial, financial or technical.

Finally, the NAV offers a wide range of training courses and networking. The NAV organises more than 80 informative and course evenings per year. The NAV annually welcomes almost 9000 architects-participants at those. For beginning architects we have developed a specific programme in cooperation with the public authorities.

NAV also organises events such as the Renovation Day to promote architects in a wider public. Those events always attract some ten thousand visitors.

If you require more information on the NAV, please contact the office:
Tel: (0032)2.669.22.80